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Trust / Yield


Portfolio Performance as at October 31, 2020
  • Net Asset Value Per Unit 
    Class A: $11.4909
    Class F: $11.9734

About Productivity Media Inc.

Productivity Media Inc. is a producer and senior secured financier to film and television productions. It provides innovative, short-term financing to quality Canadian and international producers.  In 2012, Productivity Media Inc. brought together a team with over 60 years of film and television experience in financing, production, and sales and created the Productivity Media Income Fund (PMIF I, LP) followed by Qwest Productivity Media Income Trust (QPMIT) in 2016.

Productivity Media has become a powerful player in the film funding sector by capitalizing on over 60 years of industry experience in film and television financing, deal sourcing, production, distribution, proprietary analytics, and sales.  They have a collective track record of over $3 billion of financing for Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Universal Studios, MGM, Lions Gate, Morgan Creek, and ICM; including the first five films of the billion dollar movie franchise, “Harry Potter.”

Productivity Media Inc. thrives by connecting high net worth individuals, hedge funds and finance companies with filmmakers, producers and directors in order to achieve lower volatility returns while enabling producers to focus on what they’re good at – making quality films.

At the core of their investment strategy is asset-based lending, a highly-secure form of financing based on the value of the production’s assets rather than on the overall strength of its potential for box office earnings.

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