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Qwest Funds Corp.,
Qwest Energy Canadian Resource Class

    • Net Asset Value Per Unit as at June 01, 2020
    • QWE621 Series A: $0.085
    • QWE622 Series F: $0.248
  • Summary of Investment Portfolio click here
Qwest Energy Canadian Resource Class (“CRC”) is part of Qwest Funds Corp.’s corporate class mutual fund family.  Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. is the Investment Fund Manager and Portfolio Manager for all of Qwest Funds Corp.’s mutual funds.

Investment Objective

The fundamental investment objective of the Qwest Energy Canadian Resource Class (“CRC”) is to provide long-term capital  appreciation by investing primarily in equity securities of Canadian companies  involved in the energy and natural resources sector.

Investment Strategies

CRC will invest in the resource sector and primarily in the oil and gas sector. In addition, CRC may also invest in securities of companies in the oilfield services, pipelines, midstream services, utilities and equipment manufacturers sectors. CRC may take positions in other securities, such as convertible securities, debt securities, exchange traded funds comprised of debt securities and derivative instruments based on such securities, and invest in foreign resource companies listed on major stock exchanges.

Portfolio Management Team

CRC has retained Qwest Investment  Fund Management Ltd.’s oil and gas portfolio management team to provide investment advisory and fund management services. Mr. Don Short, Senior Vice-President and Portfolio Manager, manages CRC. Click here to view Don’s biography.


Mutual Fund shareholders may redeem shares of the Mutual Fund on any valuation day. For complete details click here to view the Simplified Prospectus.

Redemption Form

Note: This form is only required for investors whose mutual fund shares are held by a dealer firm that is not a FundServ participant.