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About Qwest

For over 17 years, Qwest has manufactured investment products with investment experts within the company or by partnering with investment industry experts and business leaders.

Our portfolio management teams have managed our branded products which include flow-through limited partnerships; mutual funds and private equity funds.

Our associated companies and product partners provide various opportunities which include; finance, real estate, technology and resources.



Our mission is to be recognized as a leader in those sectors in which Qwest or our partners have expertise. We will achieve this goal by attracting the right people, by expanding our products and our business partnerships, by delivering quality investment products, by providing effective portfolio management and by delivering competitive performance results against our peers.


Our vision is to be known for our dedication to people through disciplined ethical and professional treatment of our clients, employees and other stakeholders.


    • Leadership

We understand leadership starts at the top of an organization and we want to grow leaders throughout our company to ensure our mission and vision statements are achieved.

    • Reputation

Our reputation is most important to us. We take our responsibilities for proper corporate governance and ethical conduct seriously. We want to keep our clients’ trust.

    • Clients

Our focus is “success through collaboration” to provide top tier performance for our clients.

    • Employees

Our employees are people first. Our goal is to always focus on creating a “culture of greatness” with our valued team members.





Qwest Investment Management Corp.
Qwest Investment Management Corp. is an investment management firm specializing in identifying emerging trend opportunities, managing merchant banking transactions and structuring investment products  in those sectors of the capital markets in which it has experience and expertise. Our management teams bring a wealth of experience in corporate and financial  product structuring, merchant banking and investment fund management, as well as the skills and experience necessary  to evaluate and manage the risk and rewards inherent in those sectors of the global markets in which we participate.

Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd.
Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. (“QIFM”) provides investment fund management and portfolio management for its various investment funds. QIFM is a company incorporated under the provisions of the Canada Business Corporations Act on September 27, 2005. QIFM is registered as a Portfolio Manager (or the equivalent) under the securities legislation and an Investment Fund Manager (or the equivalent). QIFM is an Exempt Market Dealer registered in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Ontario, with British Columbia Securities Commission as its primary regulator.

Qwest Funds Corp.
Qwest Funds Corp. is the corporate class of mutual funds owned 51% by Qwest Investment Management Corp and 49% by AlphaDelta Management Corp.

Heritage Bancorp Ltd.
Heritage Bancorp Ltd. provides accounting and administrative services for the Qwest group of companies.